How do you make your stickers?

Cute Loot stickers are created personally by us using matte sticker paper and special laminate that makes them smooth, water-resistant, and durable.

Can I stick my stickers on my car?

Our stickers are best stuck on objects that aren't exposed to the sun and elements. Customers typically put their stickers on their laptops, water flasks, journals, etc. While you're welcome to use your stickers however you please, we highly advise that you don't stick them on your vehicles. If you still insist on sticking them on your vehicle, please note that constant 24/7 exposure to sunlight will cause the sticker to fade within a few months.

Would I be able to order stickers in bulk?

Of course! Please contact us at so we can help you get started with your special order.

What other merchandise do you plan on selling?

We're working behind the scenes to introduce T-shirts, enamel pins, prints, acrylic charms, and stuffed plushies in the future. Stay tuned!

What is your return/refund policy?

Once a product is ordered and paid for, we do not accept any returns/refunds. If your items are damaged upon receiving them, please contact us at so we may assist you in replacing your damaged items.