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Payment Process

  • You will be given a price quote after we discuss commission idea in further detail
    • If you agree to the pricing, you will be sent an Invoice #1 to begin the commission process
  • All payments will be made via PayPal Invoices
  • Prior to beginning your commission, Invoice #1 (consisting of 50% of the commission price) will be sent to you
    • Note: No progress will be made on your commission until payment is received
  • Once your commission is completed, you will receive Invoice #2 (consisting of the remaining 50% of the commission price)
    • For Invoice #2, you will have the option to tip us for our service --- you are not required to leave a tip, but are welcome to if you felt that we went above and beyond your expectations (all tips are greatly appreciated and help support what we do!)
  • Once payment is made, a client cannot request a commission refund (see Refunds and Cancellations)
  • You will be charged extra in addition to the original commission price if:
    • Significant additions are made during the digital drawing process
    • You request major changes to the drawing after accepting/agreeing to moving forward with the original rough sketch
    • The commission takes longer than 3 weeks to complete due to the client’s lack of response to work in progress (WIP) updates (see Commission Process)