Stated below are the rights/permitted usage to a completed commission:

Client's Rights/Usage

  • By commissioning Cute Loot Arts, the client agrees that they are permitted to:
    • Use the commission for personal use only, unless an agreement is made otherwise
    • Promote themselves in person and/or on social media, as long as the artist (Cute Loot Arts) is given the proper credit
    • Print items (stickers, mugs, prints, etc.) and share them (gifting, trading, etc.)
  • By commissioning Cute Loot Arts, the client understands that they are prohibited from:
    • Personally taking full credit for the completed artwork
    • Reproducing the artwork for commercial use (making monetary profit off it in any way)
    • Using the commission in any negative way that may tarnish the reputation of Cute Loot Arts
  • If a client happens to break any of these agreements above, we have the right to:
    • Block any further contact with the client
    • Decline future commission requests from said client

Cute Loot Arts' Rights/Usage

  • By creating the commissioned artwork, the client agrees that Cute Loot Arts has the permission to:
    • Display the commissioned artwork wherever we please
    • Promote our business with the commission in person and/or on social media
    • Use the commission idea as inspiration to create our own artwork/merchandise
    • Remove the client’s social media handle from the artwork if needed (such as when including the artwork in an art portfolio)
  • Cute Loot Arts states the following:
    • We will not copyright the characters in any commission work
    • We will not use your commission to create merchandise for personal and/or commercial use
    • We respect your privacy --- if you do not want to be mentioned when we share your commission publicly, we will:
      • Not tag you on our social media posts
      • Remove your social media handle(s) from the drawing